What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 2k sets. We can add the logo for you.

How to use the talking pen?

First, turn on the talking pen and touch the cover of the books, then you can touch the place where you would like to learn.

How about the principle of your talking pen?

Our pen use the OID(object identify) technology, the book is different from the normal book, it had added the hidden codes(like QR codes). There is a camera on the pen head, when it touch the book, it will identify the codes and find the corresponding audio files, then it can speak out the contents.

What is the advantages of your book?

Vivid picture and story will attract the kids' attention on study. Sweet music and chant will make learning easier. DIY step can motivate kids infinite imgination. Drama will link kids with family together and kids can gain more fun, knowledge and kinship from it.

What is the advantages of your pen?

Our pen is portable, safe and simple to use for kids. It is standard American pronunciation and real-man recording.
Good speaker quality is no any harm for kids ears. We use the eco-friendly materials for the talking pen and it is crashproof. Parents won't worry about kids' English any more, the talking pen will be your great helper.