• Don’t let the child’s spine get injured

           Every morning from Monday to Friday, Salem Ishimwe, a fourth-grader from Kigali, walks to school holding his sister’s hand.       Her portfolio contains notebooks and textbooks for eight subjects, with at least three notebooks for each subject,...
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  • Volusia County teen arrested for bringing cockroaches to school in bag, deputies say

            A Volusia County couple was arrested after officers reported a teenager came to school Tuesday with cockroaches in his backpack, deputies said. Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds were arrested for child neglect and police arrived at the family’s home to find ...
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  • Where to Find Free School Supplies in Southland

           There’s still time to have some fun at the end of summer, but before you know it, a new school year is starting.       As Southland families begin to prepare for a return to school, here are some places and events where parents and carers can g...
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  • Smart Backpack Revolutionizes the Way We Carry and Connect

    In a world increasingly reliant on technology, a remarkable innovation has emerged in the form of the “SmartPack.” This groundbreaking backpack not only transforms the way we carry our belongings but also connects us to the digital age like never before. Gone are the days of lugging a...
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  • Why do high school students have to carry kindergarten bags with them? let’s explain

           High school students across the country are wearing a new type of item on their first day of school: backpacks, often used by young children.       As older people enter their senior year of high school, they tend to buy backpacks to remember their c...
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  • Reasons for choosing us

    Reasons for choosing us

    Firstly, the backpack industry has been steadily growing over the past few years, with more people recognizing the importance of a durable and comfortable backpack for their daily needs. As a result, many backpack manufacturers have been focusing on innovation and improving their products to mee...
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  • The Essential Accessory for Modern Life

    The Essential Accessory for Modern Life

    Backpacks have become an essential part of modern life, from students carrying textbooks to professionals commuting to work. With so many options available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the perfect backpack. However, a new backpack design is gaining popularity, offering both fun...
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  • So many wonderful idea in “Anything But A Backpack Day”

    So many wonderful idea in “Anything But A Backpack Day”

    Is your school doing “Anything But A Backpack Day” this year?   Anything But A Backpack Day is when students come to school carrying their supplies in different funny household items. There are no real rules except that it can’t be too dangerous and it can’t be a backpack! Wheth...
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  • Good News!!!It is team buying time for the top quality school bag,more cheaper!

    Good News!!!It is team buying time for the top quality school bag,more cheaper!

    During back to school period, many parents request to team buying school bags to reduce price. Don’t miss the ones you just need. How to choose schoolbags has become an important task for parents. Schoolbags are used daily. In fact, the most important thing is “easy to use” and ...
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  • The correct way to carry school bags

    The correct way to carry school bags

    The schoolbags are long and dragged on their hips. Many children feel that carrying the schoolbags in this posture is both effortless and comfortable. In fact, this posture of carrying a schoolbag can easily hurt the child’s spine. The backpack is not carried properly or is too heavy, which...
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