Don’t let the child’s spine get injured

       Every morning from Monday to Friday, Salem Ishimwe, a fourth-grader from Kigali, walks to school holding his sister’s hand.
       Her portfolio contains notebooks and textbooks for eight subjects, with at least three notebooks for each subject, which is equivalent to twenty-four notebooks and eight textbooks.
       Ishimwa, like her classmates, has to walk more than a kilometer from home to school twice a day, while packing her school bag.
        This is a general trend in Kigali and the country’s secondary and smaller towns; some children bear a heavy burden of attending school.
       The UK Spine and Joint Center says the use of heavy school bags is a concern as children’s frames are not yet fully developed.
        Children do not have muscles, broad shoulders, strong joints and strong bones like adults, they say at the center. This means that carrying, lifting and holding heavy objects can put more strain on them.
       The most troubling effects of heavy backpacks include muscle strain, postural imbalances, and repetitive strain injuries.
        Luckily, there are several steps you can take to protect your child, including: leaving items at school, teaching your child how to lift bags safely, regularly checking the weight of your child’s bag, using the right size bag, and prioritizing comfort. objects are primarily intended for sex and functionality rather than aesthetics.
        Or visit a chiropractor who can help you fit your child’s school bag. They can also check your child’s posture to determine if there are any pre-existing problems that need to be corrected through chiropractic techniques.
       A mother named Mukashyaka also said requiring children to bring lots of books to school would put them at physical risk and increase the already high cost of education.
       Theoneste Kamanzi, principal of Ishimwe School, admits carrying heavy backpacks for children will be harmful in the long run, but they are looking at ways to reduce the number of textbooks and exercise books children take home.
        “We are looking for a way to free children from the heavy burden of books. If they have homework to do in a particular subject, they should bring the appropriate book or notebook and leave the rest in their desk or closet,” Kamanzi suggested.

Post time: Nov-22-2023