Why do high school students have to carry kindergarten bags with them? let’s explain

       High school students across the country are wearing a new type of item on their first day of school: backpacks, often used by young children.
       As older people enter their senior year of high school, they tend to buy backpacks to remember their childhood.
        Backpack designs range from cartoons to favorite movie and video game characters and everything in between. On TikTok user @tamialanaee, students wear backpacks with Disney, Nickelodeon, DC, and Marvel characters.
       TikTok user @blesupinspiration made a video asking if other students in the US are following this trend, as his daughter did in her senior year.
        “She told me that they all get this kids backpack in high school to take them back to K and 1st grade,” @blessupinspiration tweeted on TikTok. “The backpack they wear to prom is a high school backpack, man. It’s like a full circle.”
       Over 17,000 people have commented on the video, confirming that students from multiple states are following the trend, including Arizona, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and more.
       Some schools, like Cigarroa High School in Laredo, Texas, even encourage seniors to wear backpacks to hug their inner child.
        Welcome back to school, high school students! From August 9 to 11, wear children’s backpacks. See the booklet for details.
        This isn’t the first time high school students have come to school with backpacks on their backs. This trend has been observed in previous academic years, including 2021 and 2022.
        If you’re a high school student looking for a backpack for your first day of school, stores like Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s may have options. Target is where TikToker @nicolette.tan found her backpack and settled on a Spider-Man themed backpack.
       Kate Perez covers trends and breaking news for USA TODAY. You can reach her at or X @katecperez_.

Post time: Sep-04-2023