The correct way to carry school bags

The schoolbags are long and dragged on their hips. Many children feel that carrying the schoolbags in this posture is both effortless and comfortable. In fact, this posture of carrying a schoolbag can easily hurt the child’s spine.
The backpack is not carried properly or is too heavy, which may cause strain, pain and posture defects. Dr. Wang Ziwei from the Tuina Division of the Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that the incorrect backpacking method of adolescents and the excessive weight of the backpack are not conducive to growth and development. State, resulting in postural defects such as scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, and forward leaning, causing back pain, muscle aches and other diseases.
For example, if the shoulder straps of the backpack are placed very long and the backpack is dragged on the bottom, the center of gravity of the bag is downward, and the shoulder joints independently bear all the weight of the backpack. At this time, the levator scapula and upper trapezius muscles continue to contract. The head will stretch forward to maintain balance with the weight of the backpack, and the head will be extended too far and left the vertical line of the body. At this time, the splinter head, cervical splint muscle and semispinous head will continue to contract to protect the vertebral joints. This can easily lead to muscle stress injury.

So, what is the correct method of backpack carrying? Hold the adjustable strap under the shoulder strap buckle with both hands, pull the adjustable strap back and down forcefully, and keep the adjustable strap tight to the backpack. Up to the root, this is the standard normative action for completing the backpack.
Be sure to pull the adjustment strap to the end, the shoulder straps are close to the shoulder joints, the backpack is close to the spine, and the bottom of the backpack falls above the waist belt. In this way, the back is naturally straightened, and the head and neck return to the neutral position. There is no need to stretch forward to maintain the balance of the body, and the pain in the neck and shoulders disappears. In addition, the bottom of the backpack falls above the waist belt, so that the weight of the backpack can pass through the sacroiliac joints, and then be transmitted to the ground through the thighs and calves, sharing part of the weight.
Should not exceed 5% of the weight of the shoulder bag, the left and right shoulders take turns. In addition to the backpack, the wrong shoulder bag can also easily induce health problems. Long-term unilateral shoulder exertion can easily lead to high and low shoulders. If it is not corrected for a long time, the muscles of the left and right shoulders and upper limbs will be unbalanced, which will not only cause problems such as stiff neck, but also cause instability of the cervical spine with insufficient muscle strength. In this case, the incidence of cervical spondylosis increases. At the same time, the high and low shoulders will bend the thoracic spine to one side, which may develop into scoliosis.
To avoid high and low shoulder problems, the most important thing is to balance the shoulders. When carrying a shoulder bag, remember to take turns on the left and right sides. In addition, do not put too many things in a shoulder bag, and carry the weight as far as possible not to exceed 5% of your body weight. Use a backpack when there are many things.

Post time: Nov-11-2020