Cartoon 3D Stationery Box Large Capacity Multifunctional Pencil Case XY7012319

Model: 3D stereo
Material: EVA
Net weight: 0.15KG
Applicable gifts occasions: general

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Product Description
Made of EVA material, soft to the touch and high simulation.
Cute and cute animal design and zipper closure for easy portability. The stationery bag has a large capacity, which can easily store pencils, pens, erasers, mobile phones or some cosmetics, jewelry, etc.
Product size: 230*100mm, weight: about 150g.

pencil case
pencil case
pencil case
pencil case
pencil case
pencil case

Product Details
①Front grid layer
Small items such as ruler, tape and rubber can be placed.
②Commonly used pen slot
It is suitable for holding common pens and easy to take.

pencil case
pencil case

Product Size Display

pencil case

Product Advantages
Don't disturb the class, don't be afraid of falling. It does not make a loud noise when it falls, which is in line with school requirements.

pencil case

Product Capacity
3D cartoon printing, cute and cute, three-dimensional craftsmanship.
Three layers of large capacity, three internal layers, the use of common stationery is clear at a glance.
A stationery amusement park for children with a large-capacity storage bin!

pencil case

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