Large Tote Bag with Pockets Shoulder Bag Lightweight for Travel Work Tote Bags

Purpose: One shoulder portable
Material: Nylon fabric
Color: See color to display the appearance
Product model: 0443#
Quantity: approximately 0.32kg weight
Structure display: main bag/front bag/back bag/side bag
Inches: width * 27 * height 32 * thickness 12cm feet

Note: Due to manual measurement, the average error is normal between 1~3cm

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This commuter backpack offers a range of features designed to make your daily travels easier and more organized. With dedicated pockets, you'll have no trouble keeping your belongings neatly arranged and easily accessible throughout the day.

The added chest straps provide extra support and help distribute weight evenly, ensuring a comfortable fit even during long commutes.

The laptop sleeve offers a secure and protected space for your laptop, so you can carry it with confidence The adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, catering to different body sizes and preferences .

Additionally, the water-resistant material ensures that your belongings stay dry, even in rainy conditions or accidental splashes .

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