High-Capacity Primary School Orthopedic Backpack For Children Laser printing Casual Bags

Size: L-41 * 30 * 18cm
Material: Anti splashing material
Internal structure of the bag: pencil bag, zipper pocket

  • FOB wholesale price(Approx): $6.1
  • Sample price: $8.5
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    Intimately designed to accompany children in their everyday growth. Four patterns and six fashionable, large-capacity backpacks to choose from. Carefully selected splash-proof materials that are lightweight and durable.




    Multi-point suspension system, cushioning pressure, reasonable distribution of weight, transferring pressure to other parts of the body. Selected waterproof materials, exquisite craftsmanship, every detail is done to perfection.


    Large capacity with multiple compartments design. Reasonable and organized storage for textbooks and stationery. 

    Available in two sizes to meet the needs of children of different ages. The bag is equipped with high-brightness

    reflective stripes to ensure safety during rainy days, haze, and night travel.


     High aesthetic color matching, ergonomic design, and safeguarding children's healthy growth.

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